Born in the cotswolds in 1976, I now live and work in the beautiful city of Bath with my wife and son. A self-taught painter, I came back to painting in my thirties after working in publishing for many years. The human form has always inspired my work and although I enjoy still-life and the occasional plein-air trip, I always find myself coming back to portraits. The painters that most influence my work are Vincent van Gogh, Michelangelo da Caravaggio and the Russian Wanderer, Ilya Repin. 

I prefer to paint in oils and like to experiment with new styles and techniques, always pushing to expand my knowledge of the subject I love. Stretching my own canvas' in the traditional method, I use rabbit-skin glue and lead primer on fine Belgium linen to ensure a top-quality support that, along with using the highest grade British oil paints, makes for a painting that will stand the test of time and continue to give pleasure for generations.


I love to share information, it's how painters have learnt and grown for centuries. Each painting acts like a stepping-stone leading to the next, even the so-called failed paintings are valuable lessons to be learnt. The more we share our knowledge the more we get back. It was with this in mind that I decided to start 'Inside the Studio' blog, a warts-and-all portal directly into my own studio, virtually peaking over my shoulder at the easel.

Sign-up and be the first to see my new paintings, get great deals on prints and have the chance to win prizes too. You'll also hear first about my new workshops and I'll be sharing tips, tricks and cool painting-related links from the web too. My blog will also be going out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram too so just follow me to get all the latest news! If you like what you see please please click Like, Share or Retweet, the more we put out there the more we get back :)



I founded Quick Start Art® in 2012 and get a real buzz from teaching people to draw and paint. I'm 90% self-taught so it's from this thirst for learning that I draw on when I'm designing a workshop for students. It's basically everything I wished I'd been taught at college! I currently run one-day and two-day self-contained Oil Painting workshops.

Unlike a lot of other workshops there are no expensive kit-lists, ALL materials are supplied for the day and I try and source the best materials I can. Tools do not make the artist, but they can help! We use the amazing Michael Harding Oil Paints and Rosemary & Co Brushes so you get to sample some of the best materials available on the market. It is very important to me that my students have a special day, for some it can be their first experience of art for decades.

It's my mission to set you off on your artistic journey on the right foot. Constructive criticism is promoted, but always in a positive and supportive environment. Sign up to my 'Inside the Studio' blog for the latest news on forthcoming workshops or click here to visit my workshops page… Come and join in the fun, Quick Start Your Art!